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Jesse Pearson

Jesse will compete at the Kyokushin Karate Junior World Tournament in Tokyo Japan on Saturday 14th April 2012.
He will compete in the 15 yr.old boys under 65kg division. He is an international black belt and has been training twice a day, 6 days a week for the last 15 weeks for this event.
He has used ISOL8 by Raisey's as a protein supplement in his quest to make weight. He has lost 15kg to be currently weighing at 63kg.

Thanks go to Kane and the team at Raisey's for making a great product which will travel with him to Japan for the final preparations.

Emma Mackie 

Well i have been on my little Coast to Coast adventure......what an experience, loved every minute of it but it truly was one of the hardest things I have ever done. It made my half ironman feel like a walk in the park!  Overall Sam and I came 16th mixed team in a time of 16hrs 11min 56 seconds- middle of the pack and respectable. My support crew which included my amazing mum and dad and family friends Caroline and Trish were absolutely fantastic and Sam and I could not have done it with out them. We all worked hard but we all had a blooming good time. I have collect a few mementos of my adventures including medal, photos, team vest but the best 1's are the most spectacular bruises you have ever seen! I am proud to tell the story of how I got them though, it is 1 heck of a story!
Anyway's I hope that gives you a little chuckle and an idea of what the heck I have just competed in. Thank you for supplying me the Raiseys product, it truly did keep me going with absolutely no tummy upsets or muscle cramps (it was 32 degrees) at all- perfect!

David Tait

Hi Kane, I was just wanting to let you know that I raced in the World Multisport Championships in February. The event sees competitors from all over the world racing from the West Coast of the South Island to the East Coast in one day.  It was my first attempt of the full course after the race being shortened in 2010.  As I expected to be racing for close to 15 Hours nutrition and hydration are important elements. I chose Raiseys Original for three key reasons. Taste, effectiveness and cost. I completed the event in 14 Hours and 47mins and felt amazingly good and was able to run the day after the event and in fact did a PB on a training run only 4 days after the event. I would recommend your products to anyone!

David Tait, Director, Kiwi Adventure Trust.

Mr 300!

The BIG GUY popped into our office over the holidays to say hi and grab some more of his favourite Raiseys Original products. On Sunday November 28 on a rainy Melbourne day, Stephen Pritchard became the first Australian IPF lifter to break the magical 300kg bench press barrier. After placing 6th at the World Open Bench Press Championships earlier this year, the 129.5kg 40 year-old Pritchard continued his efforts ... this time hitting the mark whilst returning a personal best of 20kg and entering an area that only one other great in the Oceania region, Reuben Simanu has ventured. The day unfolded with Pritchard opening on a seemingly effortless 290kg for a 10kg PB, then followed by a faultless 300kg on his second attempt. Not yet spent he had 305kg in his sights, pressed it cleanly and with an inch from locking out the weight it eventually got the better of him. In typically humble fashion, Steve was more chuffed that his 14 year-old son Angus made his Powerlifting debut at the event. Powerlifting Australia

Tauranga U-18 Girls Hockey Squad

Once again thank you Kane for the great product especially the HYDRATE. The girls just loved it and we are certain it helped a long way towards keeping them going during their week long tournament at the National U18 Girls Hockey Tournament.

As it happened we managed to come home with a Silver Medal for our efforts.

Thanks once again for your support.


Petrina Martelli

Chilton St James Junior A Netball Team

Hi Kane
You very kindly sponsored some of your products to our Chilton St James Junior A netball team for this season.  I just wanted to let you know that the girls have just won their final 38-12, so are the champions of the Collegiate 2 grade.  They also competed in the Wellington Regional netball competition and finished 3rd out of 24 teams.
Thank you again for your kind sponsorship of our team.  Times are tough for business and we appreciate your generosity.
Kind regards
Sue Kuiti
Team Manager

Auckland Hockey U-18 Boys Development Squad

Hi Kane, Well a hectic week of hockey is now over. The boys played some fantastic hockey and seemed to be well hydrated as they fought tooth and nail right to the end of each game.

Pool Play:
Drew 2 - 2 with West Coast A
Beat Povery Bay A 4 - 0
Beat Wanganui A 1 - 0
Drew 2 -2 with Wellington Dev

Semi Final:
What a game. The boys found themselves 2 - 0 down at half time against Northland A, to scrap back to 2 - 2 at full time with some fantastic hockey. We then won in golden goal penalty strokes 4-3, to make it through to the final against North Harbour.

North Harbour came out firing and we found ourselves 4 - 0 down at half time. With a belly full of Raiseys HYDRATE the boys came out fighting right to the end to go down 5-3.

The boys found the HYDRATE awesome and easy to drink and were looking for it every game. 

It was a real pleasure to help you guys. Your fighting spirit is easy to see from these results! 

Chris Heywood

Chris after 6 hours MTB fun in the mud. 

Chris came in to see us during the Nationals earlier this year. Was great to meet him and Julie. He has started using several of our products and has also given us some great ideas and feedback, helping with development. Thanks very much Chris!   

Duncan and The Moonriders

These guys took on the 24 hour Cateye Moonride in Rotorua on the 8 May. Team Nitelights 900 and 1400 came in 7th and 9th place in the teams event. Raiseys Original supplied them with HYDRATE, HYDRATE-X Anti Cramp and they helped with the testing of our new HONEY & CINNAMON.

"Our lap times were consistent and low which is great. We used your products throughout the race and I for one credit them for me having high energy levels and not having any cramp throughout the race.  Thanks again." Duncan.

Thanks for doing some testing for us guys. Appreciated. 

NZ Waka Ama Team Rata (Team Black) to 2010 World Champs

IVF World Va'a Sprint Championship 2010

Silver Medal Master Mens V12 500m

Bronze Medal Open Mens V12 500m

Bronze Medal Master Mens V6 1000m

Bronze Medal Master Mens V6 500m

Gold Medal Master Mens V1 500m (team member: Grant Barribal)

On behalf of Team Black, I would like to thank you all of Raisey's for your support and for providing us all with best hydration formula for serious athletes.  The product did what we needed, and we were able to paddle to our maximum everyday of competition.

Team Black had the biggest medal tally of all the New Zealand teams attending the Championship.  We were amazed to have 3 paddlers from the team in the single (V1) final, and to have place come in 1st, 4th and 8th.

We learnt how fast we were, and how fast we need to be for Canada 2012 to better the Tahitian crews.  

Now plans are in motion to turn Team Black into an International Long Distance Team.  We have several long distance specialists inquiring about the team selections, and have been approached by the Tahitian manager about us attending their major race next year.

Mike Nuku

 Back from left- Bruce Bancroft (back up steerer & specialist 5 seat), Hutana Coffin (ex-Maori All Black), Grant Barriball (Gold Medalist in NZ singles this year), Richard Pehi (NZ singles finalist-5th) front from left- Clayton Wikaira (NZ singles finalist -8th), Maika Nuku(coach/Bronze medalist in NZ singles), Rob Taggort (specialist seat 1/open mens coach).

Kate Morrison

Kate is a 3 time NZ Elite Orienteering Rep and is the youngest ever NZ competitor to compete at a World Junior Championships. She was the 2008 NZ and Australian Secondary Schools Champion and is the 2009 Oceania Junior Elite Long Distance Champion. She has stepped up her training for the 2010 World Champs in Denmark with the help of Raiseys Original HYDRATE and BUILD for muscle recovery after tough training sessions. 

"As this past year was such a big stepping stone in my sport, I have become extremely motivated to improve my results, especially for these last two years left competing at a Junior Elite Level."

Kates ultimate goal is for a podium finish at the 2011 World Junior Orienteering Championships in Poland. 


Kate is from a very successful orienteering family so if anyone can take on the Scandinavians at their own game it's her. We wish Kate (and her brothers) the very best in Denmark this year and Raiseys Original are very proud to be helping her to be her best at the World Champs. She typifies what we all love about our Kiwi spirit. Taking on the world against the odds and giving it heaps! 

New Zealand Under 17 Mixed Tag Football Team

Cameron Osborne

Cameron has been in Central and South America building MTB tracks. He has been in Mexico and is now in Chile with Scott Green. Check out their pics on our “Taking over the World” page

Brent Harris, Christchurch

I’m the current 2009 masters 4 NZ national road champion,a title I also won in Auckland in 2007.My two big goals for 2010 are to win NZ nationals again but in a new grade as a master 5,and to give the Aussies a fright in their national champs in September, in Ballarat Victoria.
I am four weeks into my campaign for Nationals and during this time i have been using the Raisey’s Original three part training program,along with the HYDRATE-X Anti Cramp.
Kane I have found all of your products taste awesome and I feel that I’m training, racing and recovering much better than ever before.
It’s great to be using NZ products made by a wonderful family business who pride themselves in helping you achieve your goals.
There was no hesitation in sending me samples of their product range and the follow up support sealed the deal for me.
HONEY & WHEY is ideal for me before racing and all of my 100-200km training rides.
HYDRATE tastes great and I have the advantage of having one bottle of HYDRATE and one bottle of HYDRATE-X for my anti cramp cover, so I get the best of both worlds at once.
After training and racing the ISOL8 WHEY helps me recover quickly and prepares me for the next days training.
I am now using HYDRATE during the day at work in the vineyard and the girls that work with me love the product too and they have all bought HYDRATE and swear that without it they would not have got through the hot weather.
Thank you Kane for your on going support and it’s great to know that you are only an email or phone call away if I need more advice on my hydration.


Brent emailed me and requested some samples which were sent asap. A week or two later I gave him a call to see how things were going and was delighted with his detailed and measured feedback. Thanks very much Brent for your help and support. Good luck at the 2010 Nationals and I look forward to catching up with you there.

Auckland U-17 Mixed Tag Team, National Open Tournament Manukau 2010

Hi Kane. On behalf of the Coaches, team and supporters I would like to thank you for your support. Our team won the Bowl Trophy! The team improved in both intensity and confidence with each game only losing two by a couple of points. No mean feat when you consider they were the youngest team there (ages 14 to 16) and they were playing open aged teams.


Raiseys Original are proud to support young teams like these guys. It’s hard when you are the underdog or up against the odds.(we know that feeling too!) You need all the help you can get just to compete…so victories are well earned and worth celebrating. After a tough first day, the team turned it around and came back strong on day two. We supplied the squad with HYDRATE for the weekend. Well done guys!

Mike Nuku, Hawkes Bay

Mike is representing New Zealand at the World Waka Ama Championships in New Caledonia in May 2010. He’s training every day and competing most weekends in preparation for this event. Mike is racing solo and coaching/racing in the NZ Masters Team. Raiseys Original are supporting his training and campaign by supplying Mike with Honey & Whey Protein and HYDRATE so that he has the very best chance of bringing home some gold!

Trav Carrington, Brisbane

“Hey there Kane, it’s Travis here from Brisbane. Just quick note to let you guys know that I’m really happy with the Honey and Whey protein shake. I take it everytime after I finish riding and have noticed better recovery of my leg muscles and it is now my only shake I take. I do not add anything else to this shake and it has been doing wonders.”

Trav came into our shop in Onekawa and bought a bag of Honey and Whey as he was doing some riding while back in the Bay. A week later he was in again and bought three to take back to Oz with him. Thanks Trav!

Noel and Leanne Macdonald, Palmerston North

“We love the HYDRATE sports drink and Noel continues to use the HYDRATE-X as well. Noel managed a 100km ride with hills and a high heart rate in hot weather and did not cramp; which is incredible. After using nearly 3kg of the HYDRATE we have concluded that it is the best tasting product on the market. So far none of the products have failed to measure up and do what they say they will do.”

It’s great to be able to help keep Noel and Leanne on their bikes and having fun together. Thanks for all your feedback and your help guys.

Tony Lambdon

Raiseys Original are a local sports nutrition company that Ive been working with over the past 6 months or so. Excellent product – works well, tastes bloody good and is good value!”

Triathlon Improvement Specialists
Bay City Gym

Scott Green, Rotorua

BUILD is the nicest after training shake I have ever had!”

UCI World Championships 2009 – 53rd U23 men

New Zealand MTB Team to World Championships 2009 – U23 Men XC

NZ Team Final Selection Race 2009 – 3rd Open Men, Winner U23 Men

NZ MTB Championships 2009 – 4th U23 Men

Oceania MTB Championships 2009 – 9th U23 Men

NZ University Games 2009 – XC Champion

PRE – 2009 Sporting Achievements
New Zealand MTB Team to World Championships 2008 – Junior Men XC

New Zealand MTB Team to Oceania Championships 2007 – Junior Men XC

Scott approached us a while back so I sent him out some samples. He has been using our products since and we are really looking forward to working with Scott and helping him achieve his MTB goals.

Josh Page and Kerri-Anne Torckler, Hawkes Bay

“Working in bike shops and doing a lot of races we have tried and used a lot of different nutritional products. Kane introduced us to Raiseys Original and we’ve been using it ever since. The HYDRATE is one of the best, keeping us hydrated and our energy levels consistant and it tastes great too.
The Honey and Whey is a great before and after, helping to recover better for the next days training or racing.”

Josh in the opening time trial of the Tour of Qinghai Lake in China last year and winning the solo MTB category in Taupo recently .

Kerri-Anne with the 2008 New Zealand Development squad in France.

I bumped into to Josh and KA at The Mike Brown Memorial Race at Waipawa and gave them some samples. A week or so later Josh emailed me with some great feedback and was keen to look at more Raiseys Original products."

Jonty Kay, Halswell, Christchurch
Jonty has been using Raiseys Original HYDR8 as part of his training program and has achieved awesome results in his chosen sports. He trains hard, usually 6 days/nights per week and his increased energy and performance levels have been noticed by all.

2009 Canterbury Primary Schools 50m Freestyle Champion

Rugby: 2009
Ellesmere Sub Union U65kg Rep
Canterbury Country U65kg Rep
South Island Primary Schools Rep

Well done Jonty! Great to see you involved in a couple of sports that require intense training and effort, and excelling in them both. Congratulations on your achievements and thanks very much for the photo. I look forward to adding to this list of successes in the future! (Raiseys Original HYDR8 can be used by athletes of all ages when used as part of a supervised training/competing program.)

Brendan Reisima, Hawkes Bay
Having completed a few smaller triathlons I have decided to step it up at level and look at longer endurance events. Part of this meant I needed to reacess my nutrition and hydration needs.
Tony from Cranked Cycles in Napier suggested Raiseys HYDR8 prior to him and I going to Raro for a tri, as the packaging was perfect for travelling. I was rapt at the results, it worked faster and longer to what i had been using.
I now use the Honey and Whey with breakfast, HYDR8 during, and ISOL8 after, this makes for a hard training session and i have enough energy to get back to work to recover.


Thanks for kicking off our Friends Page Brendan. Great effort in Raro! Cool that you are using Raiseys Original 3 Step Program.