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Your trusted New Zealand online supplement store

So why should you trust Raisey’s Original to provide you with natural supplements NZ people can trust? - Because it is OUR family name. We have put our reputation as a family name on the line with this brand, which is our guarantee to YOU, that we will deliver a quality product at a fair price with a friendly personal service. The family brand has been built from the ground up on those three principles: quality, value and service.
Raisey’s Original in a local brand supplement shop. We are proud to say that all of our products are entirely safe. In our protein powder you’ll be dealing with New-Zealand home grown whey protein as opposed to the corn fed, imported protein that is found in most other supplement stores - That is the advantage of buying your dietary products through boutique manufacturing methods where the sports and lifestyle supplements are hand-made with genuine love and concern, fresh, in small batches direct from Raisey’s very own blending room.